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Thor for

Banking, Insurance and Unions

Secure your own and your customers credentials using multiple layers of next-gen protection.

Your business today needs endpoint detection and response (EDR) security, specifically designed against financial fraud and tailored to combat financial systems threats. By offering Thor to your clients as well, you help them thrive and significantly improve their customer experience.

Thor for Banking, Insurance and Unions is your pathway to retaining your customer by securing their data and preventing data leakage.

You can empower your customers while growing your business




Maximize customer retention

Increase confidence in your brand

Reduce your
customer loss

Minimize customer

Increase brand

Add weight to your customer offerings

Thor for Banking, Insurance and Union Customers secures your customers against:

Phishing Attacks

Mitb Attacks

Financial Malware

Online Identity Theft

The customer retention that can be expected after implementing Thor for Banking, Insurance, and Unions

Thor Enterprise, redesigned for Financial institutions, Insurance companies and Unions

Experience a frictionless, next-gen method that secures your customers digital assets and transactions with five unique modules.