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Endpoint detection and response the entire security ecosystem at your fingertips

The fact is malicious attacks are now advanced persistent threats targeted at organizations of all sizes. Be proactive and prevent the unknown with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

The endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution is an innovative technology which allows the continuous monitoring and immediate response to advanced cybernetic threats of any kind.

EDR is the gold standard for enterprise networks, in this current security age in which legacy AV solutions have not been able to compete with for quite some time.

In the case of advanced persistent threats (APT) that cause significant damages to your organization, the starting point is always an unprotected endpoint through which cyber criminals gain access to your network.

Securing your endpoints is an essential step to preventing surprise attacks and attacks comprised from multiple tactics, customized for your enterprise.

Why Is their EDR technology the best on the market?

Preventing the

Proactive security and vulnerability patching

Endpoint detection and response

Automatic admin rights management

Automatic software patching

Machine-learning threat hunting

Threat hunting, proactive live scanning, fast response and continuous monitoring make their EDR technologies virtually unbeatable. They protect your networks from complex threats, beyond what legacy solutions such as Anti-virus or firewalls can hope to accomplish.

What their EDR technology protects your organization from

Advanced Malware

Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced Ransomware

Phishing and Social Engineering Hacks

Unknown Threats

Security gaps from outdated software

Insider Threats

Traffic Vulnerabilities

Network Vulnerabilities

Admin Rights Abuse

These are just a few of the things their endpoint detection and response technology can protect you from

Thor Premium Enterprise – EDR

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