Fixed Assets Features

Keep track of your fixed assets and manage business depreciation calculations.



Fixed Assets Register

Palladium Accounting allows you to track business assets for accounting purposes, easily track hardware and office equipment, machinery and vehicles. Remain compliant with GAAP and IFRS reporting standards with Palladium’s full Fixed Assets register that allows up to 5 separate reporting depreciation registers. The addition or depreciation and disposal of business assets is easily managed within Palladium.


Assign Costs to Assets

Fixed Assets can easily be allocated costs and categorised by posting to the R&M account associated with the asset. Palladium allows users to group costs and report on usage or output per cost.


Multiple Depreciation Rates

5 different depreciation rates or types per Asset is allowed by the Palladium Fixed Assets Module, allowing you to cater for things like Company Value / Tax Value / IFRS or GAAP values with one integrating to the General Ledger.

Additional Features