General Features

Powerful business finance & management software that is simple to use but comprehensive enough to manage all aspects of your business



Attach Files to Screens & Masterfiles

Palladium accounting like this one allows you to add attachments to all Masterfile and processing screens such as invoices, for quick, easy reference. This makes it easy to get full traceability through attaching customer orders to sales orders or POD’s to invoices.


Full Document Revision Tracking

Get full transparency and corporate governance compliance by being able to track all changes to processing documents with a simple click. Color-coding makes tracking simple by differentiating new items, deleted items and changed items, making changes more visible at a glance.


Excel and MS Power BI Reporting

Palladium gives businesses complete and comprehensive financial and business reporting with powerful Excel and MS Power BI. With Palladium, business owners and managers can access Excel reports from anywhere in the world, or push Business Intelligence straight to a mobile device.


Excel Reporting Pack

Their Excel Reporting pack allows you to access your Palladium data in Pivot-style formats from anywhere in the world.


Integrated Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence)

They have partnered with Microsoft Power BI, to supply their clients with state of the art Business Intelligence to their browsers, tablets or smartphones free of charge. Because Palladium runs on the latest MS SQL Server database infrastructure, they have created a Microsoft power BI Integration Reporting pack, that also allows their customers to seamlessly integrate their salient business information directly to the Microsoft Power BI application.


Manage Projects

Create and manage projects with completely integrated budgeting and invoicing, ensuring that Create Project with budgets and be able to assign all transactions to a project from Bids and Tenders (quotations) through to invoices with over and under reporting on Revenue and Costs.


Process Point of Sale Transactions

Take control over your Point of Sales (POS) truncations through POS management. Assign Cash drawers and floats to Cashiers and prompt for Cash-Drops once a set value of cash is received. You can also set management approvals for overrides and cash-up on closing the till.


SMS Notifications

Integrated SMS Notifications allows you to harness the power of SMS messages for marketing or communicating overdue balances to customers.


Microsoft Certified Software

The Palladium Product range is Microsoft Certified having undergone stringent code tests. In addition, the Palladium Product range is also Windows 10 and SQL 2016 compliant in both 32 and 64-bit computing.


Data Connection / Wireless Networking

Palladium makes use of on-demand database connections allowing it to run seamlessly in the most challenging of environments, supporting the simplest stand-alone system, to the local area network environment with full support for wireless networking technologies, right to the wide-area (remote access) solution. Their embedded VPN functionality facilitates wide area connectivity across multiple servers or simply for a user to work from home without the need to purchase other 3rd party terminal emulation software, and all from the exact same Palladium System Interface.


Data Hosting

With our Data Hosting option, you no longer need to purchase or maintain a file server or purchase the MS SQL Server database. Simply install Palladium on your Windows Desktop or Windows Tablet, connect to the database using your secure credentials and start processing from wherever you are in the world!


Powerful “Any Date” Reporting

Thanks to their SQL database and advanced design, Palladium offers full real-time, or “Any-Date” Reporting. This means is that you can run reports at any date in History. These include Customer and Supplier Aging Reports, Inventory Aging Or Valuation Reports and even Financial Reports such as a Trial Balances Or Balance Sheets at any date as well as Income Statements between any 2 dates for unsurpassed reporting power.


Advanced Directional Printing – Ideal for Branches, Departments, Cost Centres or Warehouses

Palladium boasts about it’s capabilities to not only have the ability to utilise global or per-user document numbering on all processing documents, but also has the ability to use unique layouts per user as well as to define the default printer on a per user, per document basis, completely alleviating the need for users in warehouses, branches, departments or sales offices to have to keep on changing or selecting their required printer. This function could also be used to invoice specific clients with a custom invoice layout for their unique requirements. You could easily see how easy it is to setup Palladium in a Multi-Branch or company environment by downloading the support article.


Centralised Version Updates

Using Microsoft Technology, Palladium clients will always be on the latest version using the web, without the need for purchasing CD’s or remembering to download the latest version.


Easy Navigation

Palladium Accounting’s intuitive navigation screens mean that you can move around the system with ease. Select the tab function on top and have access to the processing functions underneath with the reporting section at the bottom.


Strong Security & Audit Trails

Palladium has extensive security that tracks changes throughout the system using an audit trail facility. User rights can also be set to authorise credit notes “in screen”, with rights to either amend financial or just non-financial information. You can also view the Audit Trail Journal for the related transaction on all processing screens ensuring accurate processing on a real-time basis. Read the support article to understand the difference between adjusting and amending documents. Extensive user-rights for granular features such as the ability to amend customer prices or discounts, rounds off this powerful feature.


Flexible International Tax Engine

Their flexible tax engine is designed to cater from the simplest to the most complex tax structures with the option for multiple tax rates and integration accounts for a single tax type with exception options at Item, Customer and even Supplier level.



Palladium is boasting about it’s status as a true Windows application allowing you to work on multiple screens at the same time. You can even work on two of the same screen-types, such as Sales Orders, at the same time for unparalleled flexibility.


Full Multi-Currency Compatibilities

The multicurrency feature caters for Customers, Vendors, Bank Accounts and even General Ledger Journals. Rates are managed on a daily basis with a minimum and maximum tolerable variance that is designed to eliminate possible human errors.


User-Definable Fields Throughout

Palladium Accounting makes use of user-definable fields throughout the system from the General Ledger, Customers, Suppliers to Inventory Masterfiles, and is one of the only products on the market to boast this function at document body and document item line level. In the illustration below we see the use of the Fields in the Sales Invoice. You can also set Fields as Mandatory in our Enterprise Version for unsurpassed control.


User Tasks & Company Bulletins

Assign User Tasks and create Company Bulletins to enhance communication throughout the organisation.


Financial Budgeting & Forecasting Throughout

Palladium Accounting caters for Budgeting or Forecasting in all facets of the application including General Ledger, Departments/Branches, Profit Centres, Customers, Vendors and even Inventory and Service Items, giving you the ability to measure your performance throughout the system.


User Security by Customer, Vendor and Inventory Category

The User Security Rights have been extended to allow you to assign specific User access per Customer, Vendor and Inventory Categories as we currently have in the General Ledger Account access. This compliments the User access per Location function.


Withholding Tax

They have added the ability to cater for Withholding Tax that will allow you to use this tax on Selected Customer or Vendor Receipts and Payments.


Coming Soon

Workshop Module

Palladium’s workshop module will facilitate the quoting and repairs of internal or client assets, including vehicle servicing, light machine work, fabrications or even repairing a computer. Track full service and owner history, with the ability to create quotes, issue inventory and services.

The Workshop Module will be available in their new upcoming solution, Palladium Premium.


Palladium Mobile Application

The Palladium Standard mobile application will allow you to manage your business from anywhere, on any iOS or Android device. Functionality includes sales orders and sales quotes.

The mobile application will be available in their new upcoming solution, Palladium Premium.



Get complete control and visibility over customers and leads with Palladium’s new CRM module.

CRM will be available in Palladium Enterprise as well as their new upcoming solution, Palladium Premium.



The new dashboard interface will provide users with simplified, easy-to-read reporting, performance key-indicators and shortcuts.

Dashboards will be available in their new upcoming solution, Palladium Premium

Additional Features