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Social Media Marketing

Effectively market your business with our social media marketing solution, we provide cost effective options to empower and evolve your business with our marketing knowledge and experience. We realise that each business has different needs and we specialize in catering to them. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Palladium Accounting

Palladium is Accounting & ERP software that’s simple yet comprehensive. Powerful accounting features integrate directly with every division in your business, from manufacturing and inventory to projects and more. Palladium gives SMEs enterprise level features in one complete and affordable business solution

Cloud Backup

Are you in need of a secure off-site backup solution with the option of encrypting and decrypting your backup data? We provide that with a wide range of options and scalability to fit your requirements. Offering you the best solution to your backup needs with many different capabilities. Need a Large Server backup or just a Small Mobile Device backup well no option is too large or too small because we structure it to fit to your needs. giving you the option of managing and monitoring your backups. Make the right choice today and contact us.

  • Servers
  • Web Hosting Servers
  • Websites
  • Workstations
  • Virtual Machines
  • Mobile Devices
  • Office 365 Seats / SharePoint Online

Virtual Private Servers

Do you need more reliability and uptime than a shared server can offer?Or do you need the vast scalability and redundancy that a dedicated server can’t offer? Why not get the power and flexibility of your own server without the cost and complexity of managing outsourced hardware. With a wide range of packages and options we are sure to provide you with the Server requirements you need to keep your business going. VPS offers a more customized option that includes more control over your data and bandwidth usage. When you select a VPS plan, you can select one that allows you access to a maximum amount of RAM, bandwidth, and server space, so you can select how much you may need, and all of it will be yours to use. We also offer the option of converting this service to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) for your own custom applications or services.

Cyber Protection

Need a cost effective security solution to help protect your interests and company data with a vast number of product offerings at our disposal we can offer you all that we can also optionally educate your employees on safe use to provide you with that added security. Cyber security is a big issue in current times and everyone needs a security solution to help protect their personal and business interests, Why not let us provide that to you with support at your disposal when you need it we should be your only choice. With the latest innovation and enhancements in the Cyber security industry let us provide you with the right security solutions. Proudly partnered with ESET who has over three decades worth of experience in the antivirus protection field with innovative and award-winning threat detection software

Web Development

Want your website designed and developed with a exceptional look and feel, easy to use and responsiveness. We all require that sense of security when it comes to having our business online, marketing it and properly implementing your look and feel. Let us do that with added functionality and package options making it a cost effective solution. Innovation in the web market has tremendously affected how businesses operate and what they require to keep operations going, We understand that so let us help you innovate and excel your business. We also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it makes finding your website quicker and easier combined with a improved user experience and usability of your website


Have your own website and just want to move your hosting, or want to start afresh with everything in one place. Providing you with the manageability and control you want. We can take care of that for you providing you with a range of options for you to choose from so that it fits your requirements. We are also able to completely design, manage and host your site also giving you the benefits of a one stop shop for you business requirements and support for services offered. Accepting that innovation is a key factor to the progress of your business so why not make use of our Hosting Solutions to provide you with just that. Benefits of professional web hosting: It offers more reliability and security, quality technical support, complete data management, domain and email, enhanced SEO opportunities and data recovery. Taking into consideration all of this information you should now know the importance of opting professional hosting services for your business.

Fibre & VoIP

Why not get your business connected to one of the leading Internet service providers with BitCo Fibre. With Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps, they guarantee you to get the throughput you need for your business to stay productive. Take your business to the next level of connectivity and get fast, uncapped, uncontended and synchronous Internet. With Fibre that is reliable, scalable and cost effective.

  • Streaming
  • Communication
  • Security
  • Voice Solutions
  • Reliability