What are Custom Integrations?

Custom integrations give you the ability to centralize multiple software and applications in order to simplify your workflow, implement automation and mitigate the tedious time consuming process of rewriting and creating content in multiple locations. This allows you to complete projects or business processes more efficiently and effectively.

How Would Your Business Utilise A Custom Integration?

When deciding if making use of custom integrations
within your business will be beneficial their are a few
factors to consider such as your industry, your
workflows, departmental functions and also legal


If your industry requires you to make use of a multitude of applications and softwares in order to stay competitive within your industry the use of custom integrations will assist by providing automation and mitigation thus increasing business performance


Most businesses rely on different departments within the business to complete certain business functions as such these departments need to interlink in order to be effectively managed and also allows for these departments to access and track data within the business


Trying to improve workflows and simplify data access then using custom integrations will do exactly that by assessing current workflows and application procedures we will develop a more effective simplified workflow that is accessed centrally within your business


Certain industries are required to have legal documentation such as approvals, client records and much more attached to their business processes and most already have but such documents aren't always easily accessible and identifiable when auditing is done using integrations you can centrally access these files and documents associate them with each other and mitigate data loss and save time


What Applications And Software Can We Integrate?

Almost all applications are able to integrate with
another the limits lie within the developers ability to
provide a secure integration with each application.

This means you can easily integrate your accounting
software, operational applications and even customer
management systems and centrally manage each with
its respective functions whilst also providing reports
and insights on performance.